Logan (redegenerate) wrote in nymutants,

Logan Plays Nanny. ((ATTN:Closed))

That fucking cat had been going insane for weeks. Logan liked that cat, he really did, that was why he’d taken it in the first place. Right after that dumbass kid had broken into the mansion for whatever reason she’d had, though it turned out she was supposed to be here after all. Logan hadn’t cared, she hadn’t been allowed on the property as far as he was concerned, until she WALKED through those damn iron gates at the end of the drive.
The cat, he’d felt, in that rage he was in, was originally just a way of lashing out at the girl for getting away from him, but later after calming down, decided it was much too sweet a cat to belong to the girl. He’d just kept it, getting cat supplies from a PetCo in town and cleaning the litterbox with a neurotic frequency. Hightened senses and a box full of cat shit in the same room did not sit well with Logan.
Somehow despite his daily meeting with Chuck, the telepath hadn’t discovered the stolen cat yet, or for some reason, hadn’t said anything to him about returning it. Logan had smirked about that, Chuck probably didn’t think the whelp deserved the cat either.
But recently, Watt (the tags had stated as much) had been going insane and getting steadily fatter, despite Logan cutting her human food snacks more than in half. About a week ago, a part of his brain long since recessed, kicked out furiously at his ignorance and knocked some damned sense into him. Watt was pregnant, and due. SOON.
The only experience Logan had in memory of anything being born was,… well,… nothing. No experience at all in his fractured memory since the 15 years before the mansion. But somehow he just,… knew what to do. He was starting to think that Chuck had known all of this all along and was just waiting to see what the hell Logan would do about the whole thing.
A liqour store had provided a free box to stick in his closet to give Watt a place to nest during the week before she went into labor, and Logan had stuffed some towels in there for the looming fluids that were eventually not going to be inside of the cat anymore. Back at the PetCo again, Logan had stared down a skinny male clerk with the nametag of Willy as he asked about any,... tools for lack of a better word, he might need if the kittens didn't,... come out,... right. The kid didn't dare laugh, much less break into a smirk at the dangerous looking man asking about how to birth kittens,... well not until Logan had paid at the cash register and was far out into the parking lot anyhow. Then he nearly had an asthma attack for giggling at Logan's expressions as he'd explained what each thing was for and how he'd have to clean up later.
The cat had gone into labor early in the morning, Logan hadn't been able to sleep for hours due to her wailing, but finally the cat's contractions ended up in four wet little bundles of life, mewling softly as they blindly searched for a nipple.
"Great,... guess I'm not going anywhere for a while huh Watt?" He muttered at the cat from his position a few feet away on the floor, flashlight in hand so he could watch and make sure none of them came out still born or anything. If there was one thing Logan didn't want to do, it was sit in his room and play Nanny to a bundle of kittens for the next few weeks, but damn it if the clerks told him he coudn't move them until they'd opened their eyes and were walking around on their own. Basically, he couldn't get rid of the things until they started tearing his room apart.
Logan sighed and looked in on them again, shaking his head and reaching in the box to pet Watt on the head. "I hope you're done Kitkat, four is enough. Don't spit out anymore. Damn,... I need a beer."
Elsewhere in the mansion Charles Xavier was quietly having what could have been mistaken for a smirk before he washed it away with a sip of hot tea.
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