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Meet The Trinity ((ATTN: Closed, Open to Invitation))

Daniel was almost in a good mood. They were in Westchester, New York and sneaking up behind "Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters". Gifted youngsters? Mmhmm. It was the hidden base of the X-men. A bunch of mutants that wanted peaceful coexistence between mutants and humans. They were fools, and they battled against their idol.. Magneto. That's why they were there, they were going to attack the mansion and bring it down.

Samuel (Also known as Wood Man), was in the very front, carrying the duffle bag with the package in it. That was the way they were going to vanquish the X-men, with the contents of that bag. It would be difficult for them to thwart Magneto's plans when they were all dead.

Wentworth (Also known as 'Firemane') was running the flank. Keeping a keen eye out to make sure no one noticed them. They needed their firepower keeping an eye out for these sorts of things. There was no need for them to be surprised. Wentworth was also whistling the Mission Impossible theme. That was... annoying at best. But it was oh so fitting. They were really supervillains, and they were going to attack their archnemesis, the X-men.

They'd gone all out for this super villain gig, giving themself cool codenames, and a cool name for their group. The Trinity of Darkness. They'd even gotten the costumes like they'd seen in DC comics. They weren't vibrant colors, but dark.. sleek.. cool costumes. Each one had an emblem on them. Daniel's had a wolf's head, Samuel's had a tree on it, and Wentworth's had a flame.

They reached the fencing behind the mansion and Samuel pulled a bomb out of the bag, attaching it to the fence. They ran back, and then hit the detonator. The explosion took out part of the fence and they started running for the mansion. Not a minute after the explosion, they heard sirens coming from the mansion.

"Alright boys! This is what we were expecting! Let's take down the X-men once and for all!" Daniel screamed as they charged towards the mansion.
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