unlikelyandrea (unlikelyandrea) wrote in nymutants,

Goodbye to you... Goodbye to everything that I knew... ((Closed.))

The sun sets, the moon breaks over the city, over the mansion. She never saw it coming... A gasp is made from the young 17-year old girl. Life hits her eyes. They are open, they are wide. The sound of the heart machine goes off, and an alarm as well. She's alive! For that is what little Andrea had thought.

The gasping had begun, and the body began to struggle to what was left of her.

What's going on? Why is it hard to breathe? Mommy! Brandon! Andrew! Where are you?! I can't see any more. The room is getting darker. Why am I so cold? Why can't I hear the voices clearly? Andrea tried to speak out loud, but couldn't. She heard the questions in her head. They would never be answered.

Drowning, lost... Forever.
Dr. Williford Agnes Hatchett starred at the girl after several times trying to save her with CPR.
"The time of death is: 8:27P.M." She spoke softly.

The other nurses in the room slowly took out the tubes, and removed the machines hooked up to the lifeless body. A white sheet flew over Andrea's head, and the curtains were pulled.

That was the end of Andrea May Forester.
Date of Birth: 05-01-1988
Date of Death: 04-21-2006
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