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NyMutants is an X-men role playing community that deals with the lives and drama of the students and adults residing in Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.
nymutants is a movie verse game that was started a few months after X2 hit theaters. Our game has been running for almost three full years now. So while we are set in the movie world, our game has grown and expanded to bring in comic plots and plots of our own invention. We're also in the process of incorporating some storylines from X-men 3 in to our game. In short? We're now officially an AU movie verse game.
We are always looking for new, active, members so please.. visit our website if you're interested!

Built on a sprawling estate in the 1700's by a Dutch ancestor of Charles Xavier's, the mansion was originally built from stone on the edge of the estate's lake. Over the years, it has been destroyed on several occasions, but each time rebuilt and updated using the format and style of the original design.
To the public Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters is a prep school that only allows in the elitest of the elite. In reality Xavier's is a school that caters to mutants, giving them a safe place to live, learn, and master their abilities.
Xavier's School is located three miles outside of Salem Center and about forty miles outside of New York City.

The mansion is also home to the X-men; a team of select mutants from the school who act as a sort of police force for the mutant community. They are not sanctioned by the law, nor do they replace it. They just help out with matters that non-mutant police would not be equipped to handle. Another function of the X-men is to recruit new members to the school when said mutant may be in danger.