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24 January 2010 @ 03:31 am
Same game, minus the s. Check us out at our new location.
13 May 2006 @ 06:52 pm
The sun was just beginning to set at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters when a black hummer came to a stop just outside the front gates. The tinted windows made no move to roll down; leaving anyone outside to guess at what the occupants of the car were doing.

"Can you get a move on things? I've had to piss for the last twenty minutes," Thirty-four year old Apple Blossom-Smith stared at her husband through hazel eyes from the passenger's seat of the hummer. Her shoulder length brunette hair was hanging unstyled around her shoulders and she was dressed casually in a pair of jeans and a white shirt that asked "Did I give you permission to touch my stomach?" in red print. As soon as her baby bump had begun to show, Apple had been subjected to family, friends, and even random strangers thinking that her stomach was public property. It had only been a week before she got so frustrated with it that she'd gone on to the internet and ordered every single "Don't touch!" shirt that she could find. They seemed to do the trick, and Apple had since taken to wearing them as much as possible.

"Shh." Michael Smith waved a hand at his wife to silence her. He was dressed in a white button down shirt and jeans. His brown hair was cut short and his face held a five o'clock shadow. A black Motorola SLVR was pressed to his ear. "Charles? It's Michael... Yes, we're both fine. Look, do you remember that favor we talked about a couple months ago? ... We're going to need to take you up on it... Actually we're right out front. ... Got it. See you in a minute."

"So everything is okay?" Apple asked when Michael ended the phone call and rolled down the window.

"Yeah. He said he can't wait to see how big you've gotten." Chuckling, Michael leaned out of the window to punch in the access code that Charles had just given him. The gates in front of them swung open and Michael drove the car up the path, all the while pretending to ignore Apple's huffing about people and their obsession with pregnant women.
Ace had been holed up in the Infirmary for weeks now. He'd sustained several broken ribs, a punctured lung, and some internal bruising from the last encounter with the Trio. It hadn't been the best idea to electrocute the bull, but shit it was the best idea AT THE TIME.
After enduring being under the knife, being hooked up with one tube feeding him and another one stuffed up his favorite body part, Hatchett's glares and cold ass hands, and BORING BORING recovery days. He'd made up his mind.
There were better places out there for him, this place was just too bi-polar. One second it was boring as all hell, and the next alarms are going off and his lung is getting punctured by one of his own splintered ribs.
Yeah, screw this place. As soon as Hatchett allowed him to leave the Infirmary he was in his room packing. It was a slow, painful process, because his ribs would still be sore for quite some time, but it was done eventually. He set the bags aside, glanced around the room to make sure he wasn't forgetting anything, then headed out into the hallways towards Xavier's office.
About an hour later, he was climbing into a taxi cab with a small ammount of cash in his pocket. Xavier hadn't made a big deal about it at all, like he'd expected,... But either way, he was out of here. His bags were heavy and his ribs screamed at him all the way out to the taxi, but now that he was inside, he just relaxed and took a good long look at the mansion. He wrote a few little goodbye notes to the few people he considered to be a friend, or at least friendly and left them with the Professor to have the "help" pass out.
They all said basically the same thing.

Insert Name,
I thought I'd let you know I'm outta this place. I've got other stuff to do than get attacked in "my backyard".
Have fun with the assholes, kick their asses for me, I'm not sticking around to bother.

Hugs and kisses

And then he was gone, heading westward.
26 April 2006 @ 03:34 pm
Sean couldn't help but stare at the mansion when the cab stopped at the gate. The place was so much bigger than he'd ever expected it to be. He only wished someone could do it justice in the written form, it looked like it could be the center of many a great story. The cab driver's yelling for his fee brought him down to earth again. He fumbled into his pocket and pulled out the cash to pay him off, before getting out of the cab and getting his suitcases out of the trunk.

He punched in the keycode that had been given to him, and the gate opened up, slowly. It had that sort of ominous feeling. Like it was a drawbridge to a castle, or the great stone door opening to a lost temple. He slid in the gate and started his long walk up to the front door. His eyes scanned the grounds as he walked along, and he was enthralled with the magnificence of the mansion's grounds. He could see himself sitting outside with a book, reading just about anywhere on these grounds.

When he opened up the front door, his breath almost stopped again. He thought that the outside of the mansion was amazing, but the inside was doubly so. He couldn't help but stand there and gawk at the halls. It was something out of one of his books. It had to be. This was the way he would probably imagine the great halls of castles when he read about them now. After a few moments of gawking, he pulled out the map and found the direction he needed to head in to find the professor.

When he reached the professor's door, he stood outside, nervous to knock when he heard a voice in his head. ^Come on in Sean, there's no need to knock.^ Sean almost jumped out of his skin when this happened, but didn't. He instead equated this with a character in a book, and then walked into the office to talk to the professor.
The sun sets, the moon breaks over the city, over the mansion. She never saw it coming... A gasp is made from the young 17-year old girl. Life hits her eyes. They are open, they are wide. The sound of the heart machine goes off, and an alarm as well. She's alive! For that is what little Andrea had thought.

The gasping had begun, and the body began to struggle to what was left of her.

What's going on? Why is it hard to breathe? Mommy! Brandon! Andrew! Where are you?! I can't see any more. The room is getting darker. Why am I so cold? Why can't I hear the voices clearly? Andrea tried to speak out loud, but couldn't. She heard the questions in her head. They would never be answered.

Drowning, lost... Forever.
Dr. Williford Agnes Hatchett starred at the girl after several times trying to save her with CPR.
"The time of death is: 8:27P.M." She spoke softly.

The other nurses in the room slowly took out the tubes, and removed the machines hooked up to the lifeless body. A white sheet flew over Andrea's head, and the curtains were pulled.

That was the end of Andrea May Forester.
Date of Birth: 05-01-1988
Date of Death: 04-21-2006
13 April 2006 @ 08:27 pm
The decision was made; Kitty was leaving with Paige to go back home. This would not be fun of course, but since Paige was tagging along things would be less hostile. Kitty shut down her computer then stood up to start packing. Walking around grabbing and folding clothes, the poor little dog watched her. Magen had a confused look on her face, but then realized her owner was packing her things as well. Kitty looked up at Magen who was staring back. “Oh don't worry. You are coming with me too!” Kitty said leaning over to gently rubbed the dog behind the ears. Things were piling up in the suitcase, she didn't think she could get anymore in there. Don't underestimate the power of a girl and her clothing, Kitty pushed everything into the suitcase shortly after throwing more shirts in there. Noticing there had been no room for her shoes, Kitty looked under her bed for another bag. Digging around she found Marc's clothes, sighing she sat looking at them. She felt bad still what had happened had ruined many things. Mary and Marc's relationship, Kitty's thoughts about many things, and her friendship with the guy. Pushing his clothes aside under her bed she found a smaller bag for her shoes. Kitty rose to her feet and set the bag on he bed, then began to put shoes in it. There was a knock on her door and Kitty walked over to let them in. It was Paige of course, ready to go with her bags. “Hey, I won't be too long. Just come in an sit down.” Kitty said and walked back over to her bed take the bags off and putting them on the floor. Paige went and took a seat on Kitty's bed waiting in silence, it was odd but Paige knew Kitty had been in odd sorts. Kitty took Magen's bag and put the dog in it then grabbed her purse and keys. “Okay, I am ready when you are.” Kitty looked at Paige with a small smile, Marc's face ran through her head and she felt like dying. Then two other faces popped into her head, Piotr and Ro, Kitty had to leave them a note. “Wait! I have to write two notes.” Kitty said running over to her desk pulling out paper and a pen, first she would write Ro.

Dear Ro,
Hello, sorry I haven't been around much. I am really sorry about your leg most of all, but I am writing to let you know I have left to go back home for a while. Paige will be with me and you can always e-mail me or chat with me on AIM. Oh, and about what happened in the kitchen, everything is okay. I was just startled and didn't handle that well. I will miss you when I go home, but fortunately for me you left Rufus whom shall be coming for the trip. Thanks for letting me barrow him, and I will make sure he comes back in one piece. Maybe with a little friend as well. See you soon.


Now for Piotr's letter.

Dear Piotr,
Hey Piotr, sorry things have been rather odd lately and that I haven't visited you yet. I still plan on doing so! I am just going back home for a little while, and Paige will be with me. No worries though everything will be fine. I promise. Can't wait to see you when I come back.


Folding the letters and taking some tape, she walked to her door and taped them on the outside. Their name's were written on the outside of the paper. She looked inside at Paige, “Okay, sorry about that but now I am ready to go.” Kitty grabbed her things and Magen. Paige looked up at Kitty and grinned, zipping up her bag. “Alright, lets blow this joint.” Paige stood up and smiled at Kitty. Kitty laughed and smiled, “Okay that sounds like a plan!” both walked out of the room and Kitty locked the door. Both girls had made their way to Kitty's car and packed everything in, then jumping in themselves. Starting the car Kitty put on the radio, and pulled out of the driveway. Paige turned the tuner to a pop-dance mix radio station, then sat back in the car day dreaming about the drama she was glad to be missing. Kitty pulled out of the mansions driveway and onto the road, it was nice to get out and go back home for some quality shopping. “We are going to have so much fun in Chicago.” Kitty said looking over at Paige. The girl nodded, then they began their trip back to Kitty's house with a very random and fun conversation.
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Daniel was almost in a good mood. They were in Westchester, New York and sneaking up behind "Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters". Gifted youngsters? Mmhmm. It was the hidden base of the X-men. A bunch of mutants that wanted peaceful coexistence between mutants and humans. They were fools, and they battled against their idol.. Magneto. That's why they were there, they were going to attack the mansion and bring it down.

Samuel (Also known as Wood Man), was in the very front, carrying the duffle bag with the package in it. That was the way they were going to vanquish the X-men, with the contents of that bag. It would be difficult for them to thwart Magneto's plans when they were all dead.

Wentworth (Also known as 'Firemane') was running the flank. Keeping a keen eye out to make sure no one noticed them. They needed their firepower keeping an eye out for these sorts of things. There was no need for them to be surprised. Wentworth was also whistling the Mission Impossible theme. That was... annoying at best. But it was oh so fitting. They were really supervillains, and they were going to attack their archnemesis, the X-men.

They'd gone all out for this super villain gig, giving themself cool codenames, and a cool name for their group. The Trinity of Darkness. They'd even gotten the costumes like they'd seen in DC comics. They weren't vibrant colors, but dark.. sleek.. cool costumes. Each one had an emblem on them. Daniel's had a wolf's head, Samuel's had a tree on it, and Wentworth's had a flame.

They reached the fencing behind the mansion and Samuel pulled a bomb out of the bag, attaching it to the fence. They ran back, and then hit the detonator. The explosion took out part of the fence and they started running for the mansion. Not a minute after the explosion, they heard sirens coming from the mansion.

"Alright boys! This is what we were expecting! Let's take down the X-men once and for all!" Daniel screamed as they charged towards the mansion.
09 April 2006 @ 11:35 am
Stephanie slowed down as she sighted the gates up ahead. Her little Honda Civic
was practically engulfed by the view. Her brown eyes drank in the view quietly,
and she turned down the Enya she had going in the car. So. This was where she
was to teach. Everything she had was packed into her little blue car, which
meant that she couldn’t see out the rearview mirror. She parked and got out to
punch in the number she’d been given by the Professor, and the gate swung open.

As she drove slowly up the drive, she saw a few people walking here and there
around the premises. A thrill of excitement chilled her just a moment. Maybe she
could finally do some good here…and maybe she could entice a few of her old
students to come later, if she thought it would be a good place for them. It was
odd, really, having a place just for mutant children and others to learn their
powers and be safe. Safety…a luxury she’d never known in her life, and one she
still doubted existed. There had to be a catch. There was always a catch. But
she’d see it…eventually. She was sure of it.

Parking her car outside a large garage, she got directions to the front office
from a girl who was coated in grease and looking extensively happy with her job.
She wandered through the halls a bit…the hardwood on the walls made it look like
a private school, and the carpet was well-cared for. She got the sense of good
things…she’d never been psychic, though she’d had a student who was a bit. No,
Stephanie was empathic, in a purely soul-related way. And something here made
her heart soar.

Somehow she got turned around and ended up in a kitchen with a shiny new
refrigerator. It was huge. Just outside of that, she saw a big television and a
couch. Wandering further, she saw a pool, and basketball courts out of a window,
and the stables…she admired the horses. They were well cared for, albeit the
stable was outfitted ranch style. She supposed someone here was accustomed to a
country way. She’d have to hunt that person down. Classrooms, a pool table…this
place was a plethora of opportunity! She finally sat down in a comfortable chair
somewhere and waited for someone to wander by. She was thoroughly lost, but she
didn’t mind. It gave her a moment to collect her thoughts. She was about to meet
the Professor, who she’d only talked to on the phone and e-mail. He must be an
exemplary man to have created this place…and a rich one to keep it safe. She
shuddered. She fervently hoped she was wrong about the issue of safety…such a
dream would be worth keeping. Worth preserving.

Worth being real…
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05 April 2006 @ 10:22 pm
Tessa walked silently through the airport. She picked her bag up from the baggage claim, trying hard not to get too close to others that her power would affect them. The average person would be hard pressed to know that the source of the silence they were experiencing was the little girl with the messenger bag slung over her shoulder. She had on jeans, and her gray Gallaudet University hooded sweatshirt. She wasn't going to go there, but she liked it as sort of her "normal deaf girl" costume. She wasn't trying to draw attention to herself, and had key information already written out on cards she could hand to people if she needed. She wasn't feeling much in the way of vibrations, so her ability was behaving itself staying close to her body.

There was nothing unusual to her about silence. Silence was the only reality she had ever known. She had a few music entertainment magazines that she read on the plane, she figured she would read in the car too. She liked to keep up on things, even though she would never hear the music in it's true form. She found the man from the car service in the baggage area. A sign labeled Theresa Lawry. She showed him id, and handed him a slip of paper confirming her destination.

He let her out at the gate, and she keyed in the security code. She plodded soundlessly with her bags up the long drive. The place was huge. She smirked at the idea of being a gifted youngster. Some of her belongings had been shipped to the school the week before, so her speakers and stereo would be waiting for her. She had read the information packet and it looked like an ok enough place. She was excited about getting in to the city. She had never been to New York city, but assumed it would be a thriving mecca of debauchery for her to find her niche in. If things went bad at the freak farm she thought she would lose herself there.

She let herself in to the school. She checked the map she had been given in her packet. She made her way down the hall toward the office of "Professor Xavier". she was wondering if she should try to figure out how to let him know she was there. She figured he knew her issues though, and if she just opened his door and stuck her head in there would be no issue. She startled as she felt something in her mind. Words formed in her consciousness that were not hers. Someone was talking to her inside of her mind. "Miss Lawry, do not be alarmed, this is Professor Xavier. Welcome to the school. I am aware of your presence outside of my office, you may enter."

She was frozen for a moment from the shock of someone communicating inside of her head. She smirked. What else would she have expected. ... Welcome to fucking freak central.. she thought as she opened the door and entered.
04 April 2006 @ 04:51 pm
That fucking cat had been going insane for weeks. Logan liked that cat, he really did, that was why he’d taken it in the first place. Right after that dumbass kid had broken into the mansion for whatever reason she’d had, though it turned out she was supposed to be here after all. Logan hadn’t cared, she hadn’t been allowed on the property as far as he was concerned, until she WALKED through those damn iron gates at the end of the drive.
The cat, he’d felt, in that rage he was in, was originally just a way of lashing out at the girl for getting away from him, but later after calming down, decided it was much too sweet a cat to belong to the girl. He’d just kept it, getting cat supplies from a PetCo in town and cleaning the litterbox with a neurotic frequency. Hightened senses and a box full of cat shit in the same room did not sit well with Logan.
Somehow despite his daily meeting with Chuck, the telepath hadn’t discovered the stolen cat yet, or for some reason, hadn’t said anything to him about returning it. Logan had smirked about that, Chuck probably didn’t think the whelp deserved the cat either.
But recently, Watt (the tags had stated as much) had been going insane and getting steadily fatter, despite Logan cutting her human food snacks more than in half. About a week ago, a part of his brain long since recessed, kicked out furiously at his ignorance and knocked some damned sense into him. Watt was pregnant, and due. SOON.
The only experience Logan had in memory of anything being born was,… well,… nothing. No experience at all in his fractured memory since the 15 years before the mansion. But somehow he just,… knew what to do. He was starting to think that Chuck had known all of this all along and was just waiting to see what the hell Logan would do about the whole thing.
A liqour store had provided a free box to stick in his closet to give Watt a place to nest during the week before she went into labor, and Logan had stuffed some towels in there for the looming fluids that were eventually not going to be inside of the cat anymore. Back at the PetCo again, Logan had stared down a skinny male clerk with the nametag of Willy as he asked about any,... tools for lack of a better word, he might need if the kittens didn't,... come out,... right. The kid didn't dare laugh, much less break into a smirk at the dangerous looking man asking about how to birth kittens,... well not until Logan had paid at the cash register and was far out into the parking lot anyhow. Then he nearly had an asthma attack for giggling at Logan's expressions as he'd explained what each thing was for and how he'd have to clean up later.
The cat had gone into labor early in the morning, Logan hadn't been able to sleep for hours due to her wailing, but finally the cat's contractions ended up in four wet little bundles of life, mewling softly as they blindly searched for a nipple.
"Great,... guess I'm not going anywhere for a while huh Watt?" He muttered at the cat from his position a few feet away on the floor, flashlight in hand so he could watch and make sure none of them came out still born or anything. If there was one thing Logan didn't want to do, it was sit in his room and play Nanny to a bundle of kittens for the next few weeks, but damn it if the clerks told him he coudn't move them until they'd opened their eyes and were walking around on their own. Basically, he couldn't get rid of the things until they started tearing his room apart.
Logan sighed and looked in on them again, shaking his head and reaching in the box to pet Watt on the head. "I hope you're done Kitkat, four is enough. Don't spit out anymore. Damn,... I need a beer."
Elsewhere in the mansion Charles Xavier was quietly having what could have been mistaken for a smirk before he washed it away with a sip of hot tea.