Hush (shortsilenttype) wrote in nymutants,

There's a kind of Hush (Closed Intro)

Tessa walked silently through the airport. She picked her bag up from the baggage claim, trying hard not to get too close to others that her power would affect them. The average person would be hard pressed to know that the source of the silence they were experiencing was the little girl with the messenger bag slung over her shoulder. She had on jeans, and her gray Gallaudet University hooded sweatshirt. She wasn't going to go there, but she liked it as sort of her "normal deaf girl" costume. She wasn't trying to draw attention to herself, and had key information already written out on cards she could hand to people if she needed. She wasn't feeling much in the way of vibrations, so her ability was behaving itself staying close to her body.

There was nothing unusual to her about silence. Silence was the only reality she had ever known. She had a few music entertainment magazines that she read on the plane, she figured she would read in the car too. She liked to keep up on things, even though she would never hear the music in it's true form. She found the man from the car service in the baggage area. A sign labeled Theresa Lawry. She showed him id, and handed him a slip of paper confirming her destination.

He let her out at the gate, and she keyed in the security code. She plodded soundlessly with her bags up the long drive. The place was huge. She smirked at the idea of being a gifted youngster. Some of her belongings had been shipped to the school the week before, so her speakers and stereo would be waiting for her. She had read the information packet and it looked like an ok enough place. She was excited about getting in to the city. She had never been to New York city, but assumed it would be a thriving mecca of debauchery for her to find her niche in. If things went bad at the freak farm she thought she would lose herself there.

She let herself in to the school. She checked the map she had been given in her packet. She made her way down the hall toward the office of "Professor Xavier". she was wondering if she should try to figure out how to let him know she was there. She figured he knew her issues though, and if she just opened his door and stuck her head in there would be no issue. She startled as she felt something in her mind. Words formed in her consciousness that were not hers. Someone was talking to her inside of her mind. "Miss Lawry, do not be alarmed, this is Professor Xavier. Welcome to the school. I am aware of your presence outside of my office, you may enter."

She was frozen for a moment from the shock of someone communicating inside of her head. She smirked. What else would she have expected. ... Welcome to fucking freak central.. she thought as she opened the door and entered.
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