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A Dream Worth Being Real

Stephanie slowed down as she sighted the gates up ahead. Her little Honda Civic
was practically engulfed by the view. Her brown eyes drank in the view quietly,
and she turned down the Enya she had going in the car. So. This was where she
was to teach. Everything she had was packed into her little blue car, which
meant that she couldn’t see out the rearview mirror. She parked and got out to
punch in the number she’d been given by the Professor, and the gate swung open.

As she drove slowly up the drive, she saw a few people walking here and there
around the premises. A thrill of excitement chilled her just a moment. Maybe she
could finally do some good here…and maybe she could entice a few of her old
students to come later, if she thought it would be a good place for them. It was
odd, really, having a place just for mutant children and others to learn their
powers and be safe. Safety…a luxury she’d never known in her life, and one she
still doubted existed. There had to be a catch. There was always a catch. But
she’d see it…eventually. She was sure of it.

Parking her car outside a large garage, she got directions to the front office
from a girl who was coated in grease and looking extensively happy with her job.
She wandered through the halls a bit…the hardwood on the walls made it look like
a private school, and the carpet was well-cared for. She got the sense of good
things…she’d never been psychic, though she’d had a student who was a bit. No,
Stephanie was empathic, in a purely soul-related way. And something here made
her heart soar.

Somehow she got turned around and ended up in a kitchen with a shiny new
refrigerator. It was huge. Just outside of that, she saw a big television and a
couch. Wandering further, she saw a pool, and basketball courts out of a window,
and the stables…she admired the horses. They were well cared for, albeit the
stable was outfitted ranch style. She supposed someone here was accustomed to a
country way. She’d have to hunt that person down. Classrooms, a pool table…this
place was a plethora of opportunity! She finally sat down in a comfortable chair
somewhere and waited for someone to wander by. She was thoroughly lost, but she
didn’t mind. It gave her a moment to collect her thoughts. She was about to meet
the Professor, who she’d only talked to on the phone and e-mail. He must be an
exemplary man to have created this place…and a rich one to keep it safe. She
shuddered. She fervently hoped she was wrong about the issue of safety…such a
dream would be worth keeping. Worth preserving.

Worth being real…
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