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Kitty and Paige, to the big city [Closed]

The decision was made; Kitty was leaving with Paige to go back home. This would not be fun of course, but since Paige was tagging along things would be less hostile. Kitty shut down her computer then stood up to start packing. Walking around grabbing and folding clothes, the poor little dog watched her. Magen had a confused look on her face, but then realized her owner was packing her things as well. Kitty looked up at Magen who was staring back. “Oh don't worry. You are coming with me too!” Kitty said leaning over to gently rubbed the dog behind the ears. Things were piling up in the suitcase, she didn't think she could get anymore in there. Don't underestimate the power of a girl and her clothing, Kitty pushed everything into the suitcase shortly after throwing more shirts in there. Noticing there had been no room for her shoes, Kitty looked under her bed for another bag. Digging around she found Marc's clothes, sighing she sat looking at them. She felt bad still what had happened had ruined many things. Mary and Marc's relationship, Kitty's thoughts about many things, and her friendship with the guy. Pushing his clothes aside under her bed she found a smaller bag for her shoes. Kitty rose to her feet and set the bag on he bed, then began to put shoes in it. There was a knock on her door and Kitty walked over to let them in. It was Paige of course, ready to go with her bags. “Hey, I won't be too long. Just come in an sit down.” Kitty said and walked back over to her bed take the bags off and putting them on the floor. Paige went and took a seat on Kitty's bed waiting in silence, it was odd but Paige knew Kitty had been in odd sorts. Kitty took Magen's bag and put the dog in it then grabbed her purse and keys. “Okay, I am ready when you are.” Kitty looked at Paige with a small smile, Marc's face ran through her head and she felt like dying. Then two other faces popped into her head, Piotr and Ro, Kitty had to leave them a note. “Wait! I have to write two notes.” Kitty said running over to her desk pulling out paper and a pen, first she would write Ro.

Dear Ro,
Hello, sorry I haven't been around much. I am really sorry about your leg most of all, but I am writing to let you know I have left to go back home for a while. Paige will be with me and you can always e-mail me or chat with me on AIM. Oh, and about what happened in the kitchen, everything is okay. I was just startled and didn't handle that well. I will miss you when I go home, but fortunately for me you left Rufus whom shall be coming for the trip. Thanks for letting me barrow him, and I will make sure he comes back in one piece. Maybe with a little friend as well. See you soon.


Now for Piotr's letter.

Dear Piotr,
Hey Piotr, sorry things have been rather odd lately and that I haven't visited you yet. I still plan on doing so! I am just going back home for a little while, and Paige will be with me. No worries though everything will be fine. I promise. Can't wait to see you when I come back.


Folding the letters and taking some tape, she walked to her door and taped them on the outside. Their name's were written on the outside of the paper. She looked inside at Paige, “Okay, sorry about that but now I am ready to go.” Kitty grabbed her things and Magen. Paige looked up at Kitty and grinned, zipping up her bag. “Alright, lets blow this joint.” Paige stood up and smiled at Kitty. Kitty laughed and smiled, “Okay that sounds like a plan!” both walked out of the room and Kitty locked the door. Both girls had made their way to Kitty's car and packed everything in, then jumping in themselves. Starting the car Kitty put on the radio, and pulled out of the driveway. Paige turned the tuner to a pop-dance mix radio station, then sat back in the car day dreaming about the drama she was glad to be missing. Kitty pulled out of the mansions driveway and onto the road, it was nice to get out and go back home for some quality shopping. “We are going to have so much fun in Chicago.” Kitty said looking over at Paige. The girl nodded, then they began their trip back to Kitty's house with a very random and fun conversation.
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