Seanable! (chameleon_sean) wrote in nymutants,

Enter Sean ((ATTN: Closed))

Sean couldn't help but stare at the mansion when the cab stopped at the gate. The place was so much bigger than he'd ever expected it to be. He only wished someone could do it justice in the written form, it looked like it could be the center of many a great story. The cab driver's yelling for his fee brought him down to earth again. He fumbled into his pocket and pulled out the cash to pay him off, before getting out of the cab and getting his suitcases out of the trunk.

He punched in the keycode that had been given to him, and the gate opened up, slowly. It had that sort of ominous feeling. Like it was a drawbridge to a castle, or the great stone door opening to a lost temple. He slid in the gate and started his long walk up to the front door. His eyes scanned the grounds as he walked along, and he was enthralled with the magnificence of the mansion's grounds. He could see himself sitting outside with a book, reading just about anywhere on these grounds.

When he opened up the front door, his breath almost stopped again. He thought that the outside of the mansion was amazing, but the inside was doubly so. He couldn't help but stand there and gawk at the halls. It was something out of one of his books. It had to be. This was the way he would probably imagine the great halls of castles when he read about them now. After a few moments of gawking, he pulled out the map and found the direction he needed to head in to find the professor.

When he reached the professor's door, he stood outside, nervous to knock when he heard a voice in his head. ^Come on in Sean, there's no need to knock.^ Sean almost jumped out of his skin when this happened, but didn't. He instead equated this with a character in a book, and then walked into the office to talk to the professor.
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